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neonman 07-28-06 05:05 AM

Strange 3d performance problem
I've got a very strange problem. When I just start World of Warcraft with the nvidia-kernel-1.0.8178-r3 drivers I get a very low FPS (~15-20), but when I change resolution (CTRL+ALT++/-) up and down a few times (going back to the original resolution afterwards) I get a MASSIVE fps boost (from before ~15 to like 40). But with any newer nvidia kernel module than that I can't do this "trick" any more, and the FPS is HORRID..

I used the old drivers for as long as I could, since they just worked, but now I'm forced to upgrade to a newer linux kernel due to some reiser4 related problems, and the old nvidia-kernel drivers won't compile with this new Linux version. But this isn't really the problem so.

Do anyone have ANY idea what could be causing this? Is it a problem with the nvidia drivers, cedega, or wow? And why does it work after switching resolution up and down a few times? (the number of times I have to switch res varies between every restart of cedega/wow, sometimes I can just change 1 res down and then back up again, and sometimes I have to cycle trough all resolutions a few times before it works).

Any help or even a tiny hint would be greately apreciated, thanks.

Edit: This is with a 6600GT pci-E card, MSI k8n mobo and a 3500+ amd64 (running in a 32bit env).
/ Jonas

neonman 07-28-06 11:21 PM

Re: Strange 3d performance problem
So, no-one has got any idea? I'm going crazy here, I've been googling this for like 3 days :)

Dr_s99 07-29-06 07:58 AM

Re: Strange 3d performance problem
uh... whats the fps when you run glxgears?

neonman 07-30-06 05:01 PM

Re: Strange 3d performance problem
About 9.000.

glxinfo |grep direct
direct rendering: Yes

cat /proc/driver/nvidia/registry
VideoMemoryTypeOverride: 1
EnableVia4x: 0
EnableALiAGP: 0
NvAGP: 3
ReqAGPRate: 15
EnableAGPSBA: 0
EnableAGPFW: 0
SoftEDIDs: 1
Mobile: 4294967295
ResmanDebugLevel: 4294967295
FlatPanelMode: 0
DevicesConnected: 0
VideoEnhancement: 0
RmLogonRC: 1
VbiosFromROM: 0
ModifyDeviceFiles: 1
DeviceFileUID: 0
DeviceFileGID: 0
DeviceFileMode: 438
RemapLimit: 0
UseCPA: 4294967295
DetectPrimaryVga: 1
SaveVBios: 0
EnableBrightnessControl: 0
PanelPWMFrequency: 1018
PanelBrightnessLimits: 65280

neonman 07-30-06 05:06 PM

Re: Strange 3d performance problem
Just to clearify, the "HORRID" fps I'm talking about with the new drivers is about 15-20 with every gfx related option set to the absolute minimum in wow (exept distance, wich is about 2/3 of max), this is at 1680x1050.

I guess I have done something wrong since even with the older nvidia drivers I had to change resolution to get the higher FPS, but since that doesn't work any more I really have to find out what I've done wrong and fix it so I can get a higher FPS with the current drivers too.

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