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jcrox 07-30-06 04:21 PM

Mixed vender SLI
Thanks to Oblivion I finally broke down and went SLI. Just wondering if having 2 diff makers of cards makes any difference in the scores....or basically...... do these scores seem right?? Benches were ran with 91.33 drivers and everything at stock(except the bfg card which i had to overclock to match the EVGA card).

3dmark05- 10610
3dmark03- 24503

rewt 08-01-06 04:11 PM

Re: Mixed vender SLI
I don't think it will make any difference as long as the clocks and memory type are the same. Everything else is probably reference design except for the heatsink perhaps.

Basically if you overclock both your gpu/mem with coolbits, they should be running the same clocks.

Not sure about your scores though. 3Dmark05 seems low, but that may be because of your CPU. 3dmark05 is very CPU dependent so I hear, and you seem to be running your processor at stock speeds.

SH64 08-01-06 04:18 PM

Re: Mixed vender SLI
3DMark05 score seems a little low to what i would expect from these clocks , but i would rather try 3DMark06 & see what i get.

jcrox 08-01-06 08:45 PM

Re: Mixed vender SLI
3dmark06 score is 5347, again...everything @ stock

SH64 08-01-06 08:53 PM

Re: Mixed vender SLI
Actually you scores are in order .. i forgot that the 7800GT has less pixel & vertex processors than the GTX model. (20pp/7vp vs 24pp/8vp on the GTX).

so your scores (03/05/06) are fine! :)

jcrox 08-02-06 04:44 PM

Re: Mixed vender SLI
sweet, I was a bit worried about the whole mixed vendor deal....but looking on the orb it seems these two mixed 7800 gt's work just fine. :)

crainger 08-02-06 08:57 PM

Re: Mixed vender SLI
I too am thinking of heading down the mixed vendor 7800GT route. It would be a cheap upgrade to hold me off until Conroe/G80. Good to hear more mixed vendor success stories.

anticitizenzero 08-03-06 04:24 PM

Re: Mixed vender SLI
That 3dmark06 score is low for 7800gt sli

DansFace 08-03-06 06:07 PM

Re: Mixed vender SLI
I can't OC my cards manualy with any software. It just causes the system to lock up. Thats about the only problem I have with my cards

SH64 08-03-06 07:51 PM

Re: Mixed vender SLI

Originally Posted by anticitizenzero
That 3dmark06 score is low for 7800gt sli

No its not , if you notice his single-core CPU.

jcrox 08-04-06 12:23 PM

Re: Mixed vender SLI
Now that I have internet at home again, doing a project search and compare it seems like a pretty good score looking at what the others have their systems clocked to. I'll have to try some over clocking on the cpua nd see where it goes.

shteve 08-20-06 09:05 AM

Re: Mixed vender SLI
I'm running an xfx7800GT and a club3d 7800GT in SLI. The only problem is that as I have the xfx as the primary card which is factory overclocked, the system automatically overclocks the other one - and it's not too happy. I just enable coolbits and set the clocks to 420/1020 and they're both happy. Just have to remember to reset it after each new driver install.

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