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ManixT 08-01-06 02:34 AM

NVIDIA-87.62 on X11R7.0 SRC INSTL
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I am trying to configure X to properly use the new (87.62) nvidia drivers however I am running into the common GLX/NVIDIA modules not found message. Now, the problem is, my configuration differs from issues resolved through other posts in this forum.

I am running a modified slackware 10.2 based distribution.
X.org X11R7.0 is my X server, this has been compiled from source.
I have compiled and installed the NVIDIA drivers using two methods, one by running: sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8762-pkg1.run -x; cd NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8762-pkg1/usr/src/nv; make SYSINCLUDE=/usr/local/src/linux (my symbolicly linked kernel source)
and the other method of just running the NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8762-pkg1.run installed (which now works on my system, for the first time ever, nice job guys :D )
Both methods result in an apparently (lsmod reports nvidia module) proper install of the nvidia module.
However both methods still result in the same failed loading of modules from X.

I believe my problem is just that i need to recompile the module after the required pkgconfig and xserver-xorg-dev programs have been updated/installed.

Now I have recompiled my pkgconfig tool to the newest version prior to the compilation of X11R7.0 and I have verified that my /usr/X11/lib/pkgconfig/xorg-server.pc file contains proper directory information. As far as the xserver-xorg-dev components, I haven't a clue.

I have also verified that /etc/init.d/nvidia-glx does not exist.

If someone could help point me in the area of what to check next I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a ton!

zander 08-01-06 05:42 AM

Re: NVIDIA-87.62 on X11R7.0 SRC INSTL
What does `pkg-config --variable=moduledir xorg-server` return? If it does not return a valid path, you may need to add /usr/X11/lib/pkgconfig/xorg-server.pc to your PKG_CONFIG_PATH. Alternatively, you can use the installer's --x-module-path commandline option to point it to the correct Xorg module installation path.

ManixT 08-01-06 02:12 PM

Re: NVIDIA-87.62 on X11R7.0 SRC INSTL
First off, I would like to thank you for such a hasty reply.

Your solution of defining the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable was dead on. This was accomplished by executing:

Once that PKG_CONFIG_PATH had been defined "pkg-config --variable=moduledir xorg-server" returns the proper information.

After this step it was required that NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8762 package be rebuilt.

Hopefully this information will assist other uses in a similar situation.

Thanks again!

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