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SirMagic 08-02-06 08:15 AM

OpenGL Performer and 1.0-8762
I am running an application using SGI Performer 3.1 on SLES 9.3 and everything was working fine with the x86 driver version 1.0-8178. When I switched to 1.0-8762 the application wouldn't run. It seemed to hang. When I turned on Performer DIagnostic messages I continuously received the message: "APP process spinning, waiting for pfVideoRate to be set by DRAW". It appears that it never is...

I can set the environment variable PFVIDEORATE to 60 but this gives the application other problems.

Is there something that changed or broke in 8762 that might cause the frame rate to not be reported?


netllama 08-02-06 10:00 AM

Re: OpenGL Performer and 1.0-8762
This is a known bug, and will be resolved in the first 1.0-9xxx series driver release.


gerwindehaan 09-05-06 04:43 AM

Re: OpenGL Performer and 1.0-8762
We experienced a "Nan Hz" error, only in Twinview/stereo mode, with various versions of Performer and nvidia 8762 on three of our systems, both Suse 10.1 and Ubuntu Dapper with Quadro cards.

We upgraded to 8774 and the problems are gone now, allthough we expected to have to wait until the 9xxx versions of the driver.

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