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sonicx 08-02-06 04:26 PM

Quake 4 for Linux, SMP doesnt work with 1.3
in pointrelease 1.2 smp in multiplayers didnt work for me, now with pointrelease 1.3 no fix in in sight, worse, the game now segfaults the second i switch on smp, like before, but now in singleplayer too. i heard of many people where it works, and it did on my machine too, but now it doesnt even in sp. has anybody the same problem? is there a way around it?
mfg sonicx

DirtySanchez 08-03-06 03:21 PM

Re: Quake 4 for Linux, SMP doesnt work with 1.3
I've got SMP problems with 1.3 also. I can only comment on single player. On my machine, an Athlon 2400+ MP/6800 GT box, it loads up to a black screen and just hangs there. I can see and move the cursor however. The only thing I can do is kill the x-server. Disappointing because the SMP binary gave a noticable boost in rendering performance.

sonicx 08-04-06 12:41 AM

Re: Quake 4 for Linux, SMP doesnt work with 1.3
if you start the game with
quake4-smp +set r_fullscreen 0
you will still be able to use your desktop and to use a console to kill the crashed q4 with
killall -9 quake4smp.x86
that way you can see the last output of q4 in the console you started it from. for me it looks something like this:
Enabling SMP
signal caught: Segmentation fault
si_code 1
Trying to exit gracefully..
you can disable smp with +set r_usesmp 0, but that somewhat sucks.
let me know if you find a solution.

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