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jAkUp 02-11-03 05:01 PM

Nvidia Against 3D Mark 2003
kinda lame, but maybe nvidias products wont fare so well in 3dmark 2003...

from gamespot:

Nvidia has contacted us to say that it doesn't support the use of 3DMark 2003 as a primary benchmark in the evaluation of graphics cards, as the company believes the benchmark doesn't represent how current games are being designed. Specifically, Nvidia contends that the first test is an unrealistically simple scene that's primarily single-textured, that the stencil shadows in the second and third tests are rendered using an inefficient method that's extremely bottlenecked at the vertex engine, and that many of the pixel shaders use specific elements of DX8 that are promoted by ATI but aren't common in current games.

In response to Nvidia's statements, Futuremark's Aki Jarvilehto said, "We've been working for the last 18 months to make 3DMark 2003 an accurate and objective benchmark. Nvidia was one of our beta members until December, and it's not our place to comment on why they've decided to withdraw from the program. After working on the project for almost two years with all the leading manufacturers, we do strongly believe that 3DMark 2003 is an accurate representation of game performance for modern 3D accelerators."


Kruno 02-11-03 05:39 PM

Everytime something doesn't work in their favour, as a business they have a duty to make themselves look good or at least try not to look bad.

Dohboy 02-11-03 05:54 PM

Yeah, but this makes them look bad. So mission not accomplished

jAkUp 02-11-03 06:01 PM

hehe now they say the ati card is better..... but not in games...lmao

volt 02-11-03 06:04 PM

NVIDIA's BS once more in the past 2 days :)

noko 02-11-03 06:38 PM

Can they do anything right???

A better way for them to do this is to say:
"We write drivers for games out and games in production. Yes the new 3dMark2003 is something to behold and does things interestly but we are concentrating on real games, and improving performance and the experience as much as we can for our customers. So don't be to dissappointed by any synthetic benchmark but enjoy the real experience from the top notch games of today and those of tomorrow that Nvidia are continuing to help to develope."

Gesh that took me a couple of minutes to bring out and doesn't make at least as far as I am concerned Nvidia trying to hide anything or attack anyone. My two cents worth. Come to think of it Nvidia just got too arrogant, time for some sobering up for them.

scott123 02-11-03 06:42 PM

Nvidia needs to stop sticking their foot in there mouth for sure, but in general, I agree with them. Gaming performance is what matters. I just built my rig up to run 43 cars in Nascar 2003. Believe me, 3dmark doesn't tell me anything, as far as that goes.

You want a good benchmark? Try running Nascar 2003 with 43 cars, and all options on. It runs in D3D and OpenGL. Frankly the performance I see in this game is better then anything 3dmark can offer.


noko 02-11-03 06:47 PM

Yep, I agree with you. Sure is a hell alot more fun I bet. Hmmm maybe I will buy me thinks.

scott123 02-11-03 06:51 PM

Just to clarify, it's Papyrus's version of Nascar 2003, not EA Sports.


scott123 02-11-03 06:56 PM

Here is a opinion of Hardop


"3DMark03, a DirectX 9 Benchmark?" This is one question that we really must ask ourselves. Game 1 is a very simple DX7 test that is not representative of any current games. Game Tests 2 and 3 are DX8.1 but use Pixel Shader 1.4, which is not used by any games we are aware of and will not be to our knowledge. Game 4 is a hybrid of DX8/DX9. It is these four tests that determine the overall score. Only one game test in this benchmark DirectX 9 and then only partially.

Is 3DMark03 really a good indication of what “Real World” gaming is? Is 3DMark03 really "forward looking"?

With all that we have seen so far it does not appear to actually give us any indication how video cards are going to compare in any real games. It produces an overall 3DMark which is taken from unbalanced game tests. Furthermore as we have seen directly above in the benchmarks, drivers can be optimized to run the game tests faster. The problem is this is just a benchmark and not based on any real world gaming engines. Therefore while you may get a higher 3DMark number you will not see ANY increase in performance in any games that are out there."

SkullE404 02-11-03 07:05 PM

I just tried 3Dmark03 and i think it sucks. if thats the future of games then were all screwed.

digitalwanderer 02-11-03 07:22 PM

STOP, please...seriously, I can't take it!
And people keep posting after me saying stuff like, "I wouldn't listen to him, he's just been slagging nVidia all week!", and wonder why I can't stop it?!?

It's like shooting fish in a barrel! They're virtually writing a handbook on how to NOT deal with a bad PR situation, let alone what they're doing to their community relationships lately.

I'm gonna try like hell not to think up something sarcastic and funny to say about this one, I really will. It's starting to get kind of sad to me, in a pathetic kind of way. :(

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