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tkmano 08-04-06 02:01 PM

Twinview, Kubunu, KDE, or Xorg?
So I have a question and don't really know who to direct it at.

It appears to me that if a person elects to use Twinview in a KDE environment you will have to abandon the use of the system display GUI to make display adjustments such as resolution and other configuration changes. In my experience the only way I can configure my display is by making manual changes to the xorg.conf file.

Doesn't this seem like we might be going backwards? If this really is the case shouldn't the developers within NVIDIA, KDE and whoever else, sit down and agree to some sort of common direction and forge a path. Isn't the goal to be user-friendly and compete with other OS options on the market?

Just posing these questions, maybe I'm wrong on the whole thing.

Thunderbird 08-04-06 03:58 PM

Re: Twinview, Kubunu, KDE, or Xorg?
You can also use nvidia-xconfig to configure the stuff. The problem is that there's no good standard for X for configuring twnview related options. The x configuration file wasn't designed with this stuff in mind. The file should be extended with generic options to make this possible but those don't exist yet.

tkmano 08-05-06 07:23 PM

Re: Twinview, Kubunu, KDE, or Xorg?
This is my point. Having 2 monitors isn't as extreme as it once was. It's time that companies start to work together to make linux a viable option for consumers. Twinview is an example of a great end result but poor colaberation with the other players in the development of linux. What should have been a step forward seems more like a step backwards.

It's just frustrating to see easily avoidable mistakes being made by smarter companies?!?:(

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