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arbrandes 08-05-06 04:36 PM

nvidia-settings resets after switching resolution
Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 here, with a Geforce 6200 Turbocache connected excusively via S-Video to a TV (it's a MythTV box). Installed the latest nvidia drivers from the Ubuntu repositories, and everything is working fine, except for the following:

Whenever I run OpenGL applications, such as screensavers, games or the like (all of which work with gl acceleration as expected), all nvidia-settings are reset to their defaults, and running

$ nvidia-settings --load-config-only

, does absolutely nothing. I have to enter the nvidia-settings GUI, change something (anything!), and only then will I get my settings back.

Has anybody witnessed such behavior? Where should I be looking to debug this?

Thank you,

The behavior is witnessed when changing resolutions, not when running OpenGL apps.

d13f00l 08-06-06 12:48 PM

Re: Nvidia-settings resets after OpenGL application
Same here, as far as I know there is no fix. :\

arbrandes 08-07-06 05:54 AM

Re: Nvidia-settings resets after OpenGL application

It seems the problem is not with OpenGL applications, but with applications (OpenGL or otherwise) that change resolutions.

The obvious workaround is to never change resolutions. It works here with 1024x768.

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