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yakyu 08-05-06 11:38 PM

Running dual-monitor
3 Attachment(s)

I just installed ubuntu 6.06 and would like to set up my monitors like my previous winxp configuration, i.e. dual-monitor with my LCD on left and TV on right.

Attached are my nvidia-bug-report.log, xorg.conf, and Xorg.0.log; it seems that screen 1 never got set up.

Any pointer is appreciated, thanks in advance!



ateam 08-06-06 04:00 AM

Re: Running dual-monitor
I'm sorry I can't be more helpful. I have very little time to reply here, so I figure I'll try to get you on your way to dual-screen beauty as soon as possible. Below is the URL to my "xorg.conf" file that I use with my dual-17" LCD monitors on my nVIDIA GeForce 5600.

Good luck!


yakyu 08-06-06 05:35 AM

Re: Running dual-monitor
Thanx alot!!! I'll try my best to understand your conf first!

But what I wanted is to have a desktop spanning from left to right, not an identical desktop appearing on two different screens.


yakyu 08-08-06 09:38 AM

Re: Running dual-monitor
still no luck... did anyone get it to work?

thanks in advance!


mo_x 08-08-06 12:16 PM

Re: Running dual-monitor
I think you need Xinerama.

yakyu 08-09-06 02:37 AM

Re: Running dual-monitor
tried that too...

does anyone have a working xorg.conf that i can take a peek? I need the desktop to span from monitor on the left to TV on the right, so I can run mplayer on the TV screen and still do some work on the monitor screen (like i used to in M$ win-xp).


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