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glangollor 08-06-06 09:33 AM

(k)ubuntu dapper hangs starting x with nvidia driver
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Since I have made a dist upgrade tu dapper and so a new kernel I'm not able to install working nvidia-glx driver anymore.

I searched trough this forum and reinstalled taking notice of:

* development tools like make and gcc are installed
* the linux-headers package matching the installed Linux kernel is installed
* the pkg-config and xserver-xorg-dev packages are installed
* the nvidia-glx package has been uninstalled with the --purge option and the file /etc/init.d/nvidia-glx does not exist.

If you use Ubuntu, please also ensure that the linux-restricted-modules packages have been uninstalled
So My Problem changed a bit:
A starting Xserver hangs with a totally black screen, my computer isn't acessible via network.

Has anybody got some help for me????

I'll link a zipfile with bug report and installer log here

netllama 08-06-06 10:28 AM

Re: (k)ubuntu dapper hangs starting x with nvidia driver
Looks like this is a Toshiba notebook. I'd suggest searching some older threads on this forum, as others have run into this problem and solved it in the past with specific NVReg_Mobile settings.


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