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PtrToNull 02-12-03 03:02 AM

Internet sharing in Linux?
Heya, is there a way in Linux (I've got SuSE 8.1) to use "Internet Sharing Feature" that's available in XP?

My rommate's box has XP on it and it's connected to a USB modem, we're both hooked now via a hub (no need for crossover cables, we both have 10Mbps ethernets) and we can share folders and whatnot in XP.

How can I connect to the internet via his computer if he's always connected?

sl70 02-12-03 11:54 AM

The easiest, least technically demanding thing is to buy a router that you would connect both your computers to. That way you both share the same internet connection all the time. The best, but perhaps more technically difficult but cheapest thing to do is get an old discarded computer (an old Pentium 100 will do), put Linux on it, and have it do the packet filtering (firewalling), NAT (routing) and caching (use squid) for both machines. (You will also need an inexpensive hub or switch.) This is what I've done at home. I have 6 machines sharing a single dsl connection. There are HOWTO's on this at many places on the web.

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