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exapted 08-06-06 05:09 PM

Riva 128 ZX driver
I am trying to rescue an old computer. FreeBSD won't automatically load any drivers for my old Nvidia card. I guess the new unified driver won't work. Is there another driver I could use?

FreeBSD pciconf says its a 'RIVA 128 2D/3D GUI Accelerator'

I don't need 3D acceleration, but I would like it to work for 2D. Thanks!

exapted 08-06-06 10:52 PM

Re: Riva 128 ZX driver
I forgot to mention I am running FreeBSD 6.1 on a Pentium II MMX 450.

I'm confused because I have heard much about a native nv driver but have been unable to find it. I assume none of the drivers on the nvidia website will support my old card.

Any help will be appreciated!

zander 08-07-06 06:00 AM

Re: Riva 128 ZX driver
The Xfree86/Xorg nv driver should work fine.

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