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Yagami 08-10-06 05:30 AM

open source and nvidia history
well , just reading this :

if this is really true ...

i just want to say , i am sorry nvidia , for thinking you were just some evil bastard company !

i do have a nvidia card , ( but also an ati , i use the one that works best with linux )

respect , and more ppl should know this.

also , as i listen to zack rusin's radio interview , thanx you for working with the xorg developers.

hope you can open your drivers some day , and everyone can use your great products

kmare 08-10-06 12:42 PM

Re: open source and nvidia history
Thanx heaps for that link. It was a really interesting reading. I would like an opensourse driver from nvidia, but I have a lot of respect for the efforts they're putting on delivering such a quality product on linux/unix platforms. And that's the reason why i support them however i can...

So, thank you nvidia

Lamieur 08-11-06 06:41 AM

Re: open source and nvidia history
Open, complete driver from NVIDIA is the thing we certainly want to have. But the hardware specs will do just fine. Are you telling me that Microsoft, IBM, SGI and everyone else are the authors of the cards register names and that names are licensed? :)

We don't need the driver's API to program the card. The Linux community can and will write its own driver if only there's some cooperation from the chipset makers. Actually, we can do it by experimenting and reverse engineering, there even are people doing this already, but honestly - when there are OSS drivers for Intel and ATI cards, who cares anymore?

I can live with the current driver, I can hold my Xorg 7.1 update for a year. I'm calm, because I know in few months I'm buying a new computer and voting with my money. You can guess if I'm voting on NV then :) And for all the others - no need to whine. We made a mistake, but that can be fixed, really. Don't cry, my brothers.

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