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nukem 08-11-06 12:44 AM

Intel, AMD/ATI Open sourcing drivers, nvidia?
Intel has just released open source drivers and ATI may soon be opening the source to their drivers while NVIDIA is staying with closed source drivers. It seems that these two companies are catching onto the benefits of open source. I think that both companies drivers will do great because of it. In fact my next laptop(probably in 6-12 months) will be using an Intel or ATI card because of the availability of open source drivers, while Ive always been a big NVIDIA fan. What I'm wondering is NVIDIA has always said that because other peoples intellectual property is in their drivers they could not release the source, if this is true why can Intel and ATI release their source?

Thunderbird 08-11-06 04:10 AM

Re: Intel, AMD/ATI Open sourcing drivers, nvidia?
That Ati might opensource a part of their drivers or release more specs is still not official. Further there are more of these threads already, please continue in http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=74846

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