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dd-b 08-12-06 01:25 AM

Asus M2N (nforce 570-SLI) motherboard?
I'm looking to build a new home disk server (I've been seduced by the ZFS side of the force) for long-term storage of photos, manuscripts, and such. This board looks attractive -- AM2 socket, relatively cheap, supports ECC, 6+1+1 SATA-II connections, dual gigabyte LAN, DDR2 memory. Seems like it should perform well, and can host at least the first generation of the server without addon controllers even. I can put it in a Chenbro SR107(69) case with both hot-swap racks and have an 8-disk system potentially, much cheaper than alternatives like a Supermicro case and motherboard (though that's a dual-processor job).

(ASUS specs on the board are at http://usa.asus.com/products4.aspx?m...=3&l2=101&l3=0 )

But...does Solaris run on this thing? What excitement would I have setting it up? Can I use the hardware RAID 1 for the system disk(s)?

Does anybody know anything yet? This board is in stock at both local stores and listed on most online sites, so somebody must have tried it by now!

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