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RoyBoy 08-12-06 09:55 PM

Horizontal streaking with S-video
I have a 3.2GHz Intel P4 on an ASUS P5P800 SE motherboard.
The video card is a BFG6800 GT. OS is Fedora Core 5, patched
and updated as nvnews suggests.

I have used this to drive a Gateway FPD2185W 21 inch monitor
and used mythtv and mplayer alone with success at 1680x1050 resolution
using a DVI cable.

I am having difficulty in using an S-video cable to drive a
JVC56G787 rear projection television. I get very pronounced horizontal
streaking with the slightest motion in the picture (such as hand movement
or walking). The movement of a camera across a lined sports field is painful
to watch. The compiled Nvidia driver rejected all modes in xorg.conf and used
a default which was 1024x768. I ran
the open source nv driver and it producted three modeline:
(II) NV(0): Modeline "800x600" 40.00 800 840 968 1056 600 601 605 628 +hsync +vsync
(II) NV(0): Modeline "640x480" 25.20 640 656 752 800 480 490 492 525 -hsync -vsync
(II) NV(0): Modeline "800x600" 36.00 800 824 896 1024 600 601 603 625 +hsync +vsync
(the nv driver produced horizontal streaking as well).

Importing these into my xorg.conf file did not change things other than these modes
are detected as valid by the nvidia driver. I can take mythtv recordings and
play them back with the DVI cable and 21 inch monitor and it is excellent.

The application system-config-display chose the VESA video driver and a
HorizSync of 31.5 - 37.9 which seems quite low. However the VESA driver does not
have any streaking (other than normal with fast action). It is however green tinted
with burnt orange appearing green and yellow icons green as well.

nvidia-settings when saved had this same color affect when the GUI closed ( as user mythtv), but not
when executed by another non root user.

Can someone tell me why my colors go green tinted with the VESA driver (or nvidia-settings as
user mythtv)? Is there a guess as to the cause of horizontal streaking in the nvidia driver?
I have tried NvAGP and AGPGART as well as many other settings. Should I be looking the setting
on the JVC set? I have tried turning many things off but only made the picture worse. I have
an amateur guess that the HorizSync values may be a problem but am not knowledgable enough
to be able to check this out (fear damaging the set as well). Thanks for you time.

Section "Monitor"
Identifier "Monitor0"
VendorName "Monitor Vendor"
ModelName "JVC"
### Comment all HorizSync and VertSync values to use DDC:
HorizSync 31.5 - 50.0
VertRefresh 50.0 - 70.0
ModeLine "800x600" 40.0 800 840 968 1056 600 601 605 628 +hsync +vsync
ModeLine "640x480" 25.2 640 656 752 800 480 490 492 525 -hsync -vsync
Option "UseEdidDpi" "FALSE"
Option "DPI" "100 x 100"
### Comment all HorizSync and VertSync values to use DDC:
Option "dpms"

Section "Device"

# nvidia driver specific setting
# Option "EnablePageFlip" "True"
# Option "NvAGP" "1"
# Option "ConnectedMonitor" "TV"
# Option "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"
# Option "TVStandard" "HD720p"
# Option "TVOverScan" "0.1"
# Driver "nvidia"
Identifier "Videocard0"
Driver "nvidia"
VendorName "Videocard vendor"
BoardName "nVidia Corporation NV40 [GeForce 6800 GT]"

Note SVIDEO and HD720p were autodetected by the nvidia driver.

RoyBoy 09-01-06 01:33 PM

Re: Horizontal streaking with S-video
First, thanks to the community for all the help available on the web.
Because of you my problems are mostly solved. First SVideo is your
last option for HDTV. It is indeed crap.

Solving the horizontal streaking involved enabling XvMC in mythtv
(See the mythtv.org wiki). XvMC absolutely MUST be enabled to view
1080i content (certain ASTC terrestrial broadcasts) regardless of your CPU
speed. However mythfrontend is not using libXvMCNVIDIA.so
(ldd /usr/bin/mythfrontend). I will compile mythtv from source to
fix this problem.

Second I got an HDMI(A) to DVI (D) cable to display computer output.
The picture is absolutely fabulous on HDTV content. If moderators
allow I will post my setup to another thread on nvnews.net later in
September 2006 for the JVC 56G787 HD-ILA television. I want to work
the final kinks out.

I still had minor horizontal streaking playing DVD content from the
computer DVD drive. Compiling xine-lib-1.1.2 to use libXvMCNVIDIA.so fixed
this problem (/usr/local/bin/xine -V xvmc).

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