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fmundigler 08-13-06 06:40 AM

Video crashes on Sony Vaio S4M (Ubuntu)
Hi everybody,

my system:
* Laptop Sony Vaio S4M
* OS Ubuntu 6.06
* nVidia Go 6200
* latest driver from the nVidia website
* TwinView enabled
* latest codecs installed

everytime I open a video on my laptop, the application freezes. I cannot see the movie but it is possible to listen to the video...

I've already tried to de-install powernowd, but still everything freezes...


netllama 08-13-06 01:36 PM

Re: Video crashes on Sony Vaio S4M (Ubuntu)
Which video are you opening, and how are you opening it?

Additionally, please generate and post an nvidia-bug-report.log.


fmundigler 08-14-06 12:09 PM

Re: Video crashes on Sony Vaio S4M (Ubuntu)

there's no difference between *.avi, *.mpg, *.mpeg, DVD or whatever...

normally I use VLC to open a video file


and the whole system crashes - still, I listen to the movie, but I cannot see anything. Using "nv" in xorg.conf and everything is o.k. - but I need TwinView for my external TFT (so I need the "nvidia" driver) :(

Should I generate the log-file after the reboot (when the system freezes)?


netllama 08-14-06 01:16 PM

Re: Video crashes on Sony Vaio S4M (Ubuntu)
Yes, please generate the bug report after rebooting, yet before starting X again. Additionally, please verify whether this reproduces with any other media player (xine, mplayer, etc).


fmundigler 08-23-06 08:21 AM

Re: Video crashes on Sony Vaio S4M (Ubuntu)
I ran some tests with VLC, totem ... still, the system freezes :(

here's [1] my Xorg.0.log - sorry for the delay

[1] http://www.ubuntuusers.de/paste/3064/

netllama 08-23-06 11:31 AM

Re: Video crashes on Sony Vaio S4M (Ubuntu)
I need to see a complete nvidia-bug-report.log generated after the crash.


fmundigler 09-01-06 02:21 AM

Re: Video crashes on Sony Vaio S4M (Ubuntu)
how do I create a .log without starting the Xserver after a crash? Sorry, but I'm a complete noob :(


I've just found out, that the system only freezes as long TwinView is enabled - I use the nVidia driver 8762 (AFAIK the latest).
Any suggestions?

netllama 09-01-06 10:19 AM

Re: Video crashes on Sony Vaio S4M (Ubuntu)
This is documented in the driver README as well as the sticky posts on every page of this forum:

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