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taran 08-13-06 08:39 AM

geforce4 mx440 very slow
I've installed the geforce card in an amd xp athlon 2100+ running ubuntu dapper.
Drivers and everything are properly installed, when you boot up so far so good.
It's when I click on some menus everything seems very sluggish, applications take forever to load, if you use firefox, same thing, pages load very slow.
How can i fix this? Install, boot up, works ok. But it's the sluggish behavior overall I don't get.

TPG 08-13-06 12:57 PM

Re: geforce4 mx440 very slow
From where you have this certitude your problem is related to nvidia driver?

Change your gfx driver to "nv" in xorg.conf, If there will be same symptoms, then your problem has nothing to do with nvida driver.

Thunderbird 08-13-06 02:47 PM

Re: geforce4 mx440 very slow
Or try adding the option: Option "RenderAccel" "0" to disable Xrender acceleration this might speedup your system.

TPG 08-14-06 08:36 AM

Re: geforce4 mx440 very slow

I thought RenderAccel "1" is about to speed up 2D rendering? :P

Thunderbird 08-14-06 10:28 AM

Re: geforce4 mx440 very slow
These days RenderAccel is enabled by default and I believe in the end RenderAccel uses the 3d engine of the gpu for some of the stuff. On older cards like the Geforce4MX this might be slow or buggy.

taran 08-14-06 10:51 AM

Re: geforce4 mx440 very slow
I switched from "nvidia" to "nv", and the card seems to behave more stable now.
Not as slow as before, the only weird thing is at the loginscreen you see
flickering image in the background, when you login and get past the loginscreen, everything looks and behaves better.
I also put in the option "renderaccel" in the section device, the only
thing it did was to shut down firestarter firewall and I got no internet access.
I removed the option and everything is back to normal.
When you move the mouse on top a folder on the desktop, is there a way to
shut down the fade effect in the folder?

Thunderbird 08-14-06 10:53 AM

Re: geforce4 mx440 very slow
X configuration options don't change things regarding to firewalls or whatever else, they only change display stuff.

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