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hyperbole 08-13-06 01:11 PM

Error when running nvidia-settings
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Hi everyone,

I'm getting the following error when I run nvidia-settings:

ERROR: NV-CONTROL extension not found on this Display.

I'm running this on a Fedora Core 3 system with a 2.6.11 kernel. The nVidia chips are part of the chip set on the ASUS motherboard. The processor is an AMD 3000+

I've attached a copy of Attachment 19762.

Would someone please suggest what I need to do to run nvidia-setup without getting this error?

Thanks for any help you may be able to give me,


netllama 08-13-06 01:35 PM

Re: Error when running nvidia-settings
According to your bug report, you're using the nv X driver, not the nvidia X driver.


hyperbole 08-13-06 02:09 PM

Re: Error when running nvidia-settings
Are you saying that I need to switch to the nvidia X driver?

If so how do I do that?

I assume I need to download the nvidia X driver from somewhere. Would that be from nvidia.com?

I assume from the logs, that the chipset is nVidia nForce 3, but I don't know how to tell for sure.



netllama 08-13-06 02:12 PM

Re: Error when running nvidia-settings
Yes, nvidia-settings only works with the nvidia X driver (and gets installed with it). Where did you get nvidia-settings if you didn't install the accompanying driver?

Please note that the driver README explains all of this in detail.


hyperbole 08-13-06 02:39 PM

Re: Error when running nvidia-settings
I inherited the machine from someone else and am not familiar with how they set it up. When I got the machine it was running the VESA X Driver and I have been looking around the internet for the last week or so to try to find additional information on how to set up the graphics to work properly.

I first discovered that the xv driver was not working properly and that's when I changed the Driver to nv.

I just looked and found a file called README.txt in /usr/share/doc/nvidia-graphics7664-1.0_7664/. I assume that is the one you're refereing to.

I'll take a look at it and see if that doesn't help me get this system going the way I want it to.

Thanks for your help. I'll let you know if I have any other questions and keep you posted on my progress.


hyperbole 08-15-06 11:27 AM

Re: Error when running nvidia-settings

Thanks for your help with this. I was able to get nvidia-settings to run.

I changed the Driver in the "Device" Section of xorg.config from "nv" to "nvidia". This caused the X-server to crash on startup, but I noticed that it was throwing an unresolved reference for "glx" so I commented out the line 'Load "glx"' in the "Module" Section. After that, X started up and I'm able to run nvidia-settings with no problems.

Again, thanks for your help,

netllama 08-15-06 12:33 PM

Re: Error when running nvidia-settings
The X server shouldn't crash when loading the glx module. You should verify that your nvidia driver installation is correct (by reinstalling the driver).


hyperbole 08-16-06 11:37 AM

Re: Error when running nvidia-settings
O.K. I'll have to go find a copy of the driver on the internet. The .run file seems to have been removed from this machine.

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