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hondas2k 02-13-03 02:24 AM

why is my 3DMark 2001 score so low?
While I am thrilled with being able to run UT2K3 with the settings turned up a lot higher since I upgraded from a Matrox G400 Max to a Ti4200, I am still a bit perplexed as to why my 3DMark 2001 SE score was only 4274.

I have a P4 1.6 on an Asus P4S-LA mb with 512MB PC2100 DDR RAM, SBLive!, and a BFG Asylum T14200 128MB video card running the latest NVIDIA 4286 drivers.

I know this is not the most badass hardware but I would think that my 3DMark score would be better.

Any ideas?


volt 02-13-03 06:03 AM

Hmm, yes. You should get at least 10000 onions with this setup. Have you checked different drivers?

jnd3 02-13-03 09:03 AM

And do you have antialiasing or anistropic filtering forced on in the drivers? That'll impact your 3DMark scores. I think mine dropped to that ballpark (from 11,000 range) when I had 4xAA/4xAF turned on...

Edit: Oh, and verify that your AGP settings are all groovy (AGP 4x, hopefully)...


Sazar 02-13-03 09:07 AM


Originally posted by volt
Hmm, yes. You should get at least 10000 onions with this setup. Have you checked different drivers?
overclocked perhaps...

stock scores should be more inline with around 8000ish or more IMO...

mess around with your control panel and see what the settings are @...

if you have upgraded from matrox to the gf4ti4200 perhaps you might need a reformat? I dunno I just format for every major hardware change :)

I dunno if perhaps your AA or FSAA is turned on?

ragejg 02-13-03 09:18 AM

yeh, a P4 1.6 will generally push 8500-9500 3dmarks with a 4200...

...and I think yr hardware IS badass...

plenty o room for the future...

hondas2k 02-13-03 11:14 AM

I'll check and see if one of my friends who was playing UT2K3 on my PC messed with any settings. He doesn't normally play first person shooters, he is more of an RPG guy, so he was having fun with it and I noticed that he installed GeForce tweaker so he may have set some things differently than stock. I'll shoot him an e-mail and ask and then change it back to stock.

I'm betting that is the case because I doubt he would have installed GeForce TWeaker and not changed anything. I hope there is a "restore default" button.:eek:

Thanks for all of the replies and I'll let you know what I find tonight.


hondas2k 02-13-03 11:07 PM

I ran GeForce Tweaker when I got home and restored the default settings and got a better score of 8146. I was hoping for a bit more but since there is not much tweaking with this mb, I guess that is about as much as I am going to get out of it.

I plan on getting an Abit IT7 and a P4 2.4 or higher in a few months and giving my current system, minus the GF4 though, to my fiance after she graduates from vet school in may. Gotta have a decent rig at her place when I am there.:D


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