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neylitalo 08-14-06 11:44 PM

TwinView not working - xorg.conf "flawless"?
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I'm trying to get my system running TwinView, with a GeForce4 MX4000 AGP. I've got identical 17" LCD monitors attached, one on the VGA and one on the DVI (using the DVI-VGA adapter). I copied my xorg.conf directly from the machine that used to be attached to these monitors, which ran TwinView beautifully and still does.

The differences between old machine and this one:

First machine is amd64, this is x86
First machine had an eVGA 6600GT PCIe, this is AGP 8x (don't know the manufacturer)

I don't believe the problem lies within xorg.conf since a) I copied it directly from a machine that had it working, and b) when I take screenshots of my desktop, I see the entire desktop in the resulting image. However, my monitors each show the same thing - the left side of the desktop.

Attached are my xorg.conf and nvidia-bug-report.log - thanks for any and all ideas and suggestions!

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