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piotrq__ 08-15-06 05:15 AM

NV20 FBO support ?

Which ones of nVIDIA GPUs support the FBO extension ?
Is my GF3 'rusty blaster' Ti200 able to handle this feature ?

Thanks in advance, greets.

Thunderbird 08-15-06 05:43 AM

Re: NV20 FBO support ?
The site delphi3d.net has a list of all opengl extensions and can show which card supports it and you can also get a list of the extensions supported on each for a specific driver version. The database is reasonably up to date. Unfortunately there's no recent report from a geforce3 card, though geforce4ti cards seem to support it. As the geforce4 (ti) is more or less a slightly improved geforce3 you card might support it.

Note that you can allways check if an extension is supported using glxinfo:
glxinfo | grep GL_EXT_framebuffer_object

piotrq__ 08-15-06 06:00 AM

Re: NV20 FBO support ?
Thanks for the tip :-)

I already checked glxinfo and it seems that my card doesn't support this extension, but I decided to ask, just to make sure :-)

Well... Looks like it's time to say goodbye to my red, sexy Gainward and get something newer :-)

Just a small update!

I noticed this one, little thing while browsing delphi3d.org...

As you can check this report for GF4TI 4200 doesn't have GL_EXT_framebuffer_object listed

And the same card with the same caps. just different driver version:
http://www.delphi3d.net/hardware/vie...hp?report=1365 seems to support that extension...

So maybe it's not the matter of hardware, but software ?

Thunderbird 08-15-06 06:03 AM

Re: NV20 FBO support ?
I don't know how fast your system is, but depending on the cpu you should watch out with a new card. The cpu quickly becomes a bottleneck.

piotrq__ 08-15-06 06:24 AM

Re: NV20 FBO support ?
Well... My whole system is a bit.. Ahem... rusty? But still blastin' ! :-)

It's AMD Duron 1600@1800 512 DDR 400 and SiS 746FX based MB...
It serves me well, but I think I could use a faster graphic card ( to speed XGL up a little 'cause these freezes while playing fullscreen video, or slow scrolling in konqueror makes me mad! ;-) ).

Thunderbird 08-15-06 06:47 AM

Re: NV20 FBO support ?
Get a simple Geforce6200 it supports all the latest opengl extensions and it is about the max your system can handle a faster card won't really help.

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