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squid 08-15-02 03:20 PM

mx 440 xtacy dual head and cli
I was wondering if any one knows how i can get my slak box to use move tty3-6 to my second monitor or if i can even do that.

Ive tired to get it to work with the fbset programs but that didnt work.
I also want to be able to have X on my larger CRT and a concole on my smaller CRT. Ive tired a couple of different setups but i have not been able to get it done.

Thankx in advance.


Thunderbird 08-15-02 03:24 PM

Twinview cli is impossible atleast on nvidia hardware. The only cards I know that support it are cards from Matrox. (not 100% sure)

squid 08-15-02 03:27 PM

ok so you are saying that haveing X on one CRT and my concole on the other is not possible or using both monitors for CLI?


Thunderbird 08-15-02 03:33 PM

Those things aren't possible. The only case you get two screens is in X. (on nvidia hardware)

r0gu3 08-15-02 05:04 PM

Well there are some things that can be done is software to emulate this, but thunderbird is right, in a traditional sense, you cannot have X running on one screen and a console on the other.

But if your use a program like ggiterm on the second monitor, and tell your window manager its a dead zone ( thats a goofy thing many popular windowmanagers can do), then you have the same affect :)

- r0gu3

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