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schweitzer 08-15-06 02:02 PM

Palit 5700 died
My Palit 5700 (took me ages to finally find out what brand it is, it has no markings on it othat than a little P on the metal slot, which I didnt know stands for Palit) died and I do not know how to exchange it! I have looked on their site, but RMA does not give me ANYTHING useful!
Here are picturs of it

The problem with it is the DVI does not work at all, and the vga only displays random lines of colors (like a TV test screen) and I can not see anything!

Here is what I know about it
It has 8 chips of ram, 4 front, 4 back, they are hynix 324a HY5DU561622CT-4 and are made in Korea
It is AGP
It was RMAd once before, the RMA department was in California (but I do not recall if it was RMAd from the retailer or from the manufacture).

The top sticker on the back says
Model: NA-57000+TD21
S/N: PM8036TDVI304000651
Warranty Void if Removed

The bottom sticker on the back says
9005210570 31000098PAL

Can anyone help me get this replaced?

saturnotaku 08-15-06 03:06 PM

Re: Palit 5700 died
For all the potential aggravation of getting an RMA, particularly from a company with such a small presence in North America, I would advise you to just buy a new card. A GeForce 6200 or 6600 AGP will give you comparable to much better performance for not a lot of money. But when shopping for a brand, stick with one of the bigger names like eVGA or BFG Tech.

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