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oliversl 08-15-06 05:02 PM

FX 5200, used TV, all games screwed now
I conected a TV to my FX5200, later I disconnected and now I can't play games anymore. the screen is too bright, and in some cases is like the screen is twice as wide.

I tried uninstalling and installing old drivers but can't solve the problem.

What can I do?


Quick420 08-17-06 10:13 AM

Re: FX 5200, used TV, all games screwed now
Check your refresh rate,yrs ago when I used tv-out on myti4600,I had to set my refresh to 60hz to make it work on my tv.It also caused errors like you are listing.Un-install the drivers and boot WITHOUT VIDEO drivers installed,if the problem persists its not driver related.If it doesnt re-install a NEWER driver that way if any tv-out files remain intact they will be over written.REBOOT-REPORT BACK:D

oliversl 08-17-06 10:37 AM

Re: FX 5200, used TV, all games screwed now
Thanks, will try that.

I'm also thinking in pluging the TV back and select to use only the Monitor. I remember selecting the TV as the primary display in order to watch a video using windows media player.

Will report back ...

oliversl 08-17-06 09:50 PM

Re: FX 5200, used TV, all games screwed now
Well, the problem persist :(

If I plug the TV, select nview clone mode, Rome total war uses 1024x768.

If I select single display, to use the monitor or TV, Rome total war thinks it has a 2048x768 screen, but in the options it says 1024x768, so I end up seen half of the game.

Another issue, after using the TV, MicroMachines looks like its running on 16-bit.

Too bad that using the TV screew so baddly my PC. As a Nvidia fan boy, I'm really disappointed. :mad:

I also tryied uninstalling the 91.31 drivers and installing an older one, not look neither

DataMatrix 08-18-06 12:35 AM

Re: FX 5200, used TV, all games screwed now
Just uninstall the drivers... Then install the latest. It's probably just something to do with the colour and hue settings.

oliversl 08-18-06 04:49 PM

Re: FX 5200, used TV, all games screwed now
Done that 3 times already, today will try with the 91.45 drivers ...

oliversl 08-20-06 03:38 PM

Re: FX 5200, used TV, all games screwed now
More news, the micromachine issue was a setup issue. I setup 800x600 and all is working.
But, the Alexander and now Caesar4 demo does not work, the screen seems to be streched to 2048x768, when I have a 1024x768 resolution.

The problem in Caesar4 is worse than alexander, in Caesar 4 I put the point to the left of the menu item and it select the menu, even I see the menu to right.
Its like the image is streched 2x horizontal but the menus stays in the correct positions!

Arrg, all this for using the TV function.

How can I setup windows or Directx to use the same resolution as the desktop?


lilman91 08-27-06 11:15 AM

Re: FX 5200, used TV, all games screwed now

I had the same problem aswell. In the Rome:Total War game menu, go to Options > Video Settings. Then make sure the "Show Advanced Options" box is checked and a series of extra option boxes will appear. Under "Anti-Aliasing" make sure "No Anti-Aliasing" is selected (i.e turned off). Uncheck or check widescreen (depending on your monitor of course and then the game should appear properly in 1024 x 768. I believe there is a problem playing this game with GeForce FX 5200 because I have had the same problem with this graphics card. I hope this helps you.


oliversl 08-27-06 03:59 PM

Re: FX 5200, used TV, all games screwed now
Hi Rajiv,
thanks for the tip, will try to configure it.

The problem is that I can't see the right half of the screen :(

Another issue is that I can could not install 91.45 drivers, it says it can not detect a valid graphic cards :(

if that does not work, I will try downgrading from 91.31 :(

oliversl 09-16-06 12:48 AM

Re: FX 5200, used TV, all games screwed now

I downloaded drivers version 91.47 and followed these steps.
It may also works with older drivers.
The driver is in spanish, but the screenshots should help for any language.







Iera 10-20-06 06:17 PM

Re: FX 5200, used TV, all games screwed now
I had this problem too with widescreen display in TW Rome but I've never used TV on my 5200. oliversl's solution doesnt work for me - it just asks me if i want to install TV, which I don't.

Doesn't matter whether I select or deselect widescreen, or use a lower resolution - everything displays in widescreen and I can only see half the screen. My game setup looks fine though in the files.

any other ideas? I have the latest drivers, etc, etc. Don't want this to mess up the other games I'm playing either.

oliversl 10-20-06 07:01 PM

Re: FX 5200, used TV, all games screwed now
Just follow the instructions, even if you never used a TV, it may help.


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