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td5k 08-20-06 10:56 AM

Can't remove nVidia GeForce 6200 OC
Well, I'm back. After having noone help me with a certain aspect of installing the nVidia, in my other thread(after bumping it about 3 times) I decided to go ahead and install it.

I had no problem physically installing it.

Well, here's what happened.

-I installed the card physically. Went into Windows, and tried to install the nVidia drivers from the supplied disc. About 3/4 through the installation, it locked up, and I had to do a hard reboot. Then, I just downloaded the latest drivers from the nVidia site, installed those without any problem, and rebooted. I tried connecting my monitor to my nVidia card, but I couldn't see a thing.

-I eventually stop trying to ask for help here, and just forget about the crappy card. I tried uninstalling it via device manager. I disabled it via device manager(the nVidia) and rebooted. Then, I couldn't see anything with my monitor connected to my Intel(onboard), so I connected it to the nVidia, and I could see Windows. Of course I was at a **** resolution(and still couldn't change the nVidia card settings, such as resolution, colors), so I went back into Device Manager, re-enabled it, and rebooted. Around this time something else started. Whenever I reboot, I can't see Windows. I can't see the loading screens, but that's all. As soon as Windows loads, I can see my account screen, and see everything else fine. Anyways, I re-enabled the nVidia, and my Intel worked again. I gave up on trying to uninstall this card, because it seems doing so disabled my Intel for some reason. I let it go.

-Today, while playing SWAT 4, my game locks up, and I can see a Windows error(even though I still can't get out-game, the error is mostly visible) about a driver. This has happened to me 2 times before with SWAT 4, and all I had to do was either reboot, or reinstall the latest Intel drivers and my PC would go back to normal. That wasn't the case today. I had to do a hard shutdown, and when I rebooted, ALL of my foldes were reorganized. Also, all the icons/file names had blue backgrounds. I also now have an accessable nVidia control panel, and desktop manager(before, I only had a desktop manager, which wouldn't even run). Now, I have a real problem. Whenever I move my cursor to the right of the screen, it isn't stopped. In fact, it can easily dissapear. Also, I can't drag windows to the extreme right or bottom of my screens(you know, you're working on something, say, a .txt file, and you have to check something else out. you lower the .txt window down to the taskbar area, it dissapears, and whenever you want to access that window, you just click on it in the task bar, and it re-appears.)because they dissapear. mIRC for example. I drag it down so that the top of the window is covered by the task bar. Usually this just makes the window dissapear, and I can make it re-appear by clicking the mirc instance on the task bar. However, now it just dissapears off screen, and I can't get it back. Same for any other window I drag off screen. It gets lost, and I have to log off or reboot to view those Windows on my screen again.

*EDIT* Just found out why. Apparently, nVidia also enabled DUAL MONITORS. That's why stuff is dissapearing of screen.

What the hell can I do here? I must get rid of this crappy card. My video card drivers are screwed.

Windows XP SP2
Intel Pentium 4 CPU
2.93 GHz
512 MB RAM
Intel 82915G/GV/910 GL Express Chipset Family

nVidia GeForce 6600 OC PCI

I'm having big problems here. Now I can't access my Intel GFX settings, just the nVidia ones. And this is on my Intel! I can't even printscreen my various vid card settings, because the images are so big (dual monitors/desktops) they crash my photo editors!

I'm so screwed right now. What should I do? Should I attempt a System Restore from the most recent checkpoint? Uninstall the nVidia, uninstall it's drivers, reboot in Safe Mode, use Driver Cleaner to remove all remnants of the nVidia drivers, and hopefully when I reboot my Intel will work properly again?

I have a feeling attempting to remove this nVidia via uninstalling it and removing all it's drivers is going to permanently disable my Intel.

I really need help here.

john19055 08-21-06 06:24 PM

Re: Can't remove nVidia GeForce 6200 OC
I would make sure the onboard graphics is turned off in the bios ,you might just want to do qa clean install and start from three,I had problems like that a long time ago ,but I had forgot to turn off the on board graphic and it caused me all kinds of problems.

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