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LogicDaemon 08-21-06 11:16 AM

nVidia410 driver+ kernel
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I am using custom Fedora Core 3 with updated kernel and some libs.
Videodriver installed successfully from 1st try, but sometimes it crashes X when starting Opera 9.01.

Problem is that installation of NForce driver fails (networking and audio, networking is critical). Logs are attached.

netllama 08-21-06 11:33 AM

Re: nVidia410 driver+ kernel
For the X crash, can you elaborate on what "sometimes" means? Is there a reliable means of reproducing this crash? If you set RenderAccel to false in xorg.conf, does that have any impact? Was the attached bug report generated immediately after a crash?

With respect to the NFORCE driver, see: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=73925


LogicDaemon 08-21-06 12:25 PM

Re: nVidia410 driver+ kernel
The crash is almost unreproducible. When I launch Opera screen flashes several times and I get black screen or X login screen. When I got black screen I reboot box by power-button :)
The logs are made not immediately after crash. Opera didn't start after last login so I just renamed settings (~/.opera), reinstalled it and restored settings. From that moment it worked fine.

If the bug will reappear you will get immediate logs but I am not focused on resolving that problem now. At worst I will fall back to default FB/SVGA driver but I need networking working!

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