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Xichekolas 08-22-06 08:35 PM

New Audio Drivers?
I saw that nVidia listed yesterday (8/21) as the most recent release of their drivers (1.11)... does this include audio drivers? (If so, how do I get them) Or was it just referring to the precompiled SATA and Ethernet drivers they have listed?

Reason I ask is that I have a shiny new compaq with an nForce 430 board and Intel HDA Audio in it... the existing hda-intel driver (using gentoo 2.6.17) only gives me a master volume control... so the built in laptop speakers work fine, but I can't figure out how to get sound to come out my headphone/line out jack (so I can use my real speakers). Any help/experience with this? It's a shame to have this HD Audio with such teeny tiny speakers!

Thanks in advance.

Lithorus 08-23-06 02:09 AM

Re: New Audio Drivers?
I had the same issue with my VAIO also with a hda-intel chipset, but was fixed with a alsa patch. You need to talk to the kernel developers. Mine was patched in under 1 day!


The binary driver from nvidia wouldn't support it anyway...

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