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pelly 02-14-03 08:08 AM

Response to Mike

I explained that the reply I sent you was from HardOCP. Had you bothered to read it, you would have realized that it wasn't even related to our previous e-mail discussions.
That is the problem I am addressing...why drag other people into a dispute you have when they have nothing to do with it?

Nobody from nV News responded to my initial email about the article to tell me that you forbid linking to HardOCP. Instead, it was just ignored...That it an event I take issue with...

After I emailed you asking whether HardOCP links were no longer posted, you DID reply saying that you would post it later. I was very pleased to hear that as I had hoped for an outcome such as this. One part you conveniently left out though Mike...you then respond later saying that my quick blurb in the General Hardware forum is more than enough and that you would not post the link...

Those who have known me over the years know my reputation and know the type of person I am. I have never had any issues with anyone in the industry...and have always done my best to remain fair and neutral when necessary.

I'll be sure to watch how long this thread remains open...convenient how my initial "farewell" thread is locked... ;)

|JuiceZ| 02-14-03 08:23 AM

Re: Response to Mike

Originally posted by pelly
I'll be sure to watch how long this thread remains open...convenient how my initial "farewell" thread is locked... ;)
Isn't one enough? :p

Kruno 02-14-03 08:32 AM

Can I just say that:

1/ I am female
2/ I am gay
3/ I love being a gay female

That's as far as I will ever go on these issues. :)

|JuiceZ| 02-14-03 10:30 AM


Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R
Can I just say that:

1/ I am female
2/ I am gay
3/ I love being a gay female

That's as far as I will ever go on these issues. :)

Can I just say that:

1/ K.I.L.E.R has issues
2/ K.I.L.E.R needs psychiatric treatment
3/ K.I.L.E.R must sent this treatment immediately!

That's as far as I will ever go into the issues inside his head :eek2:


poursoul 02-14-03 10:31 AM

i am not saying that i can read between the lines better than anyone else, but there is just too much unnecessary tension between you and mike right now. Both of you should calm down. Talk to eachother not the world.

in before the lock. ;)

nin_fragile14 02-14-03 01:45 PM

This should be kept between you and Mike now.

vampireuk 02-14-03 01:48 PM

Come on Pelly, this should be between you and Mike. If you have to do this do it by Email or PM.:(

intercede007 02-14-03 02:20 PM

I don't see what pelly is doing as being any differant from what the Envynews crew did. They were very vocal about their breakups, and it got everyone's panties in a bunch. Now pelly wants to put something out into the air, and its unfashionable?

If anything, it should have ALL stayed behind the scenes. But it saw the light of day, and it might as well keep coming until its finally purged.

EDIT : Just to clarify, I do think airing dirty laundry is the last thing someone should do. I'm just saying that when someone (or a group of someones) decide to put it out, there is no use ignoring it. It's the whole "White Elephant" situation.

Kruno 02-14-03 07:16 PM

Why can't we all just be friends?

Pelly & Mike: Why not forget about the whole thing and start a new?

pelly 02-14-03 08:25 PM

Honestly, I thought everything was fine...though I was completely blown-away by the fact that nobody was going to take 5 sec to write back to me and give me a heads-up on the whole HardOCP issue. I figured that multiple years and a few thousand posts would have earned me a 10sec email to let me know that my article couldn't be posted...Then, Mike decides that a quick post in the general forum is more than adequate...a bit of an insult in my opinion...

In the end, it is just the final quarter of a game I didn't ever want to play...All the conflict...the high-school drama...is just too much for me to deal with. I am in this industry for one reason and that is to report and review computer hardware. When something gets in the way of that simple objective...it needs to be dealt with...Consider my leaving the forums my way of dealing with this conflict in the most effective manner...

Hopefully, people will at least try to understand where I'm coming from in this situation...Best wishes for everyone here...I hope to run into many of you somewhere along the way...

Take care guys...

Sean :D

volt 02-14-03 08:36 PM

I did email you. Not after you mailed us the article because I wasn't even home. I replied to your second email as I received both at once :)

pelly 02-14-03 09:06 PM

True...Volt did email me...and that was very much appreciated...I know that it is unreasonable to expect everyone to respond...though out of the number of people who gets mail from news@nvnews.net ( especially now after adding so many people ) I don't think expecting one response out of the group is asking too much.

Volt, you have always been a class-act and will be missed...thanks for all you've done and best of luck in the future...

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