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Proxx 08-25-06 09:58 PM

HELP: comp crashes with SLI
I have an SLI motherboard but only one card, and for some reason WoW thinks I am using SLI and since WoW dosent work with SLI according to the tech support people, it will result in a crash. does anyone know if there is a way to fix this, like some way to enable sli with wow or disable sli on my motherboard?

SH64 08-25-06 10:06 PM

Re: HELP: comp crashes with SLI
What do you mean "WOW thinks I am using SLI" ?? how come ??
whats your SLI mobo ?? do you have latest BIOS update ?? & did you make sure to disable SLI from BIOS ?

Proxx 08-25-06 10:25 PM

Re: HELP: comp crashes with SLI
Im assuming it thinks im using sli, it crashes because its trying to run in sli mode but i dont have 2 video cards and wow dosent support sli and its confusing itself and shutting down, going to a blue screen that says something about a nforce 4 dll messing up

I do have the latiest mobo and video card drivers.

Cruel_Logic 09-09-06 12:50 PM

Re: HELP: comp crashes with SLI
Try this, if not disable SLI in your bios, or make sure the sli bridge chip on your motherboard is facing the right way. Does it crash instantly or does the screen render something?
If the screen renders something then SLI is not the problem. GL MAN!

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