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meneerdik 08-28-06 08:13 AM

Black TV-Out on Any 1.0.8xxx driver
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Every time I try to upgrade from the 1.0.6 driver series to the 1.0.8 series, I get the same problem: the television image goes black. I read several threads about similar problems, but these problems were related to specific versions within the 1.0.8 series. For me, all 1.0.8 drivers are broken.

The 1.0.6629 driver is working perfectly. I just switch the drivers and my TV-Out goes black. When I switch the drivers back, TV-Out is working again. The X.org config files for both drivers are identical.

The TV-Out signal is not gone, my TV still detects a valid input signal. Sometimes, I can see faint horizontal line patterns. My video card is a GeForce-2 MX. Kernel is 2.6.15, Linux distribution is Gentoo.

My xorg.conf and two x.org log files are attached below. One log file was captured while starting X using 1.0.6629, the other using 1.0.8174.

netllama 08-28-06 12:23 PM

Re: Black TV-Out on Any 1.0.8xxx driver
If this reproduces with 1.0-8774, please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log.


meneerdik 10-16-06 03:49 PM

Re: Black TV-Out on Any 1.0.8xxx driver
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In the mean time, I upgraded my machine to X.Org 7.0. Driver version 8174 still gives a black image. :( I tried the legacy driver version 7184 and this one works perfectly. Unfortunately, 7184 is unstable on my setup. X locks up and input devices stop responding.

I really would like to get 8174 working..

I will attach two bug reports, one generated with 7184 loaded and one with 8174 loaded.

Thanks a lot for the quick response, by the way.

netllama 10-16-06 05:32 PM

Re: Black TV-Out on Any 1.0.8xxx driver
According to your bug report, you're not using the glx module that shipped with the nvidia driver:
(II) LoadModule: "glx"
(II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so
(II) Module glx: vendor="X.Org Foundation"
compiled for 7.0.0, module version = 1.0.0
ABI class: X.Org Server Extension, version 0.2

This suggests that your driver installation is incomplete or broken. I'd suggest reinstalling it.

I have a few other questions:
0) Is this problem present with 1.0-9626 as well?
1) Does this problem exist without Twinview (using just the TV)?


meneerdik 10-17-06 10:24 AM

Re: Black TV-Out on Any 1.0.8xxx driver
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Sorry about the GLX thing, I did not notice it. Gentoo switched to the X.Org GLX implementation when I uninstalled the legacy nvidia drivers. I attached an updated bug report with the nvidia GLX enabled.

Also, I tried running X with only the TV device enabled. X.Org config file attached. In the log files, the nvidia driver says it will use only tv-out. Strangly, the image appears only on the CRT. The CRT image is 640x480 and has a very low refresh rate.

I have not tried 9626 yet.

meneerdik 10-24-06 12:38 PM

Re: Black TV-Out on Any 1.0.8xxx driver
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I tried the new 9626 driver today. The only difference I noticed (compared to 8xxx driver) is the DPI values used for the CRT. TV-OUT is still totally black. When I disable twinview and use the TV device only, I still get the image on my CRT. Replacing the driver with 7184 makes TV-OUT work normally again.

I will attach bugreports made with both 9626 and 7184 drivers, both with and without twinview enabled.

meneerdik 10-30-06 01:22 PM

Re: Black TV-Out on Any 1.0.8xxx driver
Hmm... No responses yet... Is there anything else I can try/test? :(

meneerdik 11-21-06 12:08 PM

Re: Black TV-Out on Any 1.0.8xxx driver
Please, please, please is there anybody looking into this issue??

meneerdik 11-25-06 06:46 AM

Re: Black TV-Out on Any 1.0.8xxx driver
I think I will replace my Geforce2 with an old Geforce 256 card and move back to legacy drivers. This card has a tv encoder that is supported by the 'nvtv' utility. It used to give me rock solid high quality tv output.

I just hope that the legacy drivers will be supported for a while....

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