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userof6200 08-31-06 04:09 PM

REQ: ARGB support for Xv blitter

Would nVidia consider adding a ARGB mode to the video blitter? As I understand it, right now there is support for an "XRGB" which means the upper 8-bits do nothing.

A tremendous number of video applications use an On-Screen-Display and typically the OSD is alpha-blended using host CPU into the video frame. Unfortunately, at HDTV resolutions the alpha blending becomes too CPU intensive resulting in dropped video frames. nVidia could easily solve this problem for us!

I know nVidia Linux team has a policy of not commenting on potential features or drivers, but will someone notify me if this is even being considered?

Thank you.
-6200 user

Thunderbird 08-31-06 04:13 PM

Re: REQ: ARGB support for Xv blitter
I believe this was added in the 1.0-8762 driver. Atleast it is supported on Xorg 7.1 in combination with Composite.

userof6200 08-31-06 06:15 PM

Re: REQ: ARGB support for Xv blitter

I would like to be very specific here. Is Alpha-RGB is supported for the Xvideo blitter port 54, id 0x3? xdpyinfo lists:

id: 0x3
guid: 03000000-0000-0010-8000-00aa00389b71
bits per pixel: 32
number of planes: 1
type: RGB (packed)
depth: 24
red, green, blue masks: 0xff0000, 0xff00, 0xff

My understanding is this is "XRGB" i.e. the upper 8-bits do nothing.

Will someone from nVidia *please* confirm/deny if this Xvideo port supports Alpha-RGB?

I am using Xorg 7.1 with 8772.

- 6200 user

AaronP 08-31-06 09:21 PM

Re: REQ: ARGB support for Xv blitter
I don't think the Xv extension supports rendering to ARGB surfaces.

userof6200 09-01-06 03:21 PM

Re: REQ: ARGB support for Xv blitter
Hi Aaron,

Thank you for your response. What is the possibility of nVidia adding this support in?

Xv doesn't perclude support for this per se, it's upto the driver to export what color spaces and formats it supports. Since the blitter already supports XRGB, extending this to include alpha support does not seem like a monumental task.

Even if the blitter only supported ARGB for one port that would be sufficient for OSD purposes.

Thank you!
- 6200 user

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