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mogunus 08-31-06 10:32 PM

Xinerama & SLI
Hello All:

I would like to know: do the nvidia linux drivers support 4-monitor output when they are run on two cards in an SLI motherboard, under xinerama, not twinview? I don't care about 3d acceleration, I just want a xinerama desktop spanning over 4 monitors. I ask this because with the current version of the drivers, I can only get one head working on my second nvidia card in a PCI slot, but both heads work fine on the first nvidia card in an AGP slot. I currently run a five-monitor xinerama desktop using four different graphics cards (1 AGP 3 PCI) and am trying to find out how best to set that up in a new, PCIexpress type mobo.

mogunus 08-31-06 10:45 PM

Re: Xinerama & SLI
Just to clarify, using twinview for this configuration is very undesireable. I really hate twinview, it integrates badly with every window manager known to man.

Also, the second nvidia card IS dual-head, I could just never get the second head on it to work no matter what I tried. (the "nv" driver, the "nvidia" driver, all the different AGP modules, int10 initilization, specifying the screen in the "device" section, NOT specifying the screen in the device section, using the "connecteddisplays" directive, etc etc)

Anyway, this is why I'm wondering whether 4 monitor output from an sli-type monitor would work WITHOUT twinview, which I hate.

(for the record, I couldn't even get twinview working on the PCI nvidia card)

Anyway, thanks very much.

JaXXoN 09-01-06 07:38 AM

Re: Xinerama & SLI
1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by mogunus
Also, the second nvidia card IS dual-head

What exactly do you mean with "IS dual-head"? Is it a card with two GPUs?

Concerning twinview: you can easily avoid it by introducing
two screens per GPU. Please check the readme at
"Appendix P. Configuring Multiple X Screens on One Card":


Find attached a number of xorg multihead configuration files.
The configuration you are probably interessted in is:

BTW.: 3D acceleration will also work as long as you the window
size is smaler than 4096 pixels.



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