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Arch Stanton 09-01-06 11:32 AM

HDTV on GeForce 6150
How do you enable 1080i HDTV output on the GeForce 6150? By default, it outputs at 1024x768 and looks terrible.

snowmanwithahat 09-01-06 12:51 PM

Re: HDTV on GeForce 6150
it depends on what cable you're using, S-video and composite-video (yellow cable) will only allow you to output at that resolution, i believe you need dual-link DVI, or possibly regular DVI, or it might use the composite HDTV cables (red,green,blue) that's the only way to get that resolution across i believe

MustangSVT 09-01-06 04:26 PM

Re: HDTV on GeForce 6150
You need to use DVI to HDMI cable, or a DVI-DVI cable if your TV has DVI. I use a DVI-HDMI cable from my 6800GT to my TV which has 2 HDMI inputs, and I can select 720p, 1080i and other resolutions too (and 1080p too, but my TV doesn't support 1080p).

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