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H3g3m0n 08-16-02 06:51 AM

Recompiled Kernel freezes
I recently recompiled my kernel from the stock and most things work fine.
I am able to run Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, bzFlag and many other 3d
things fine.

I do have some weired problems however. If i am in Xfree86 and i
CTRL+ALT+F# to a base console the console cursor rather than being one
white block is 4 purple squares. Upon doing a CTRL+ALT+F7 my computer will
freeze with random crap on the screen the only thing i can do now is a
hard reboot. If i don't CTRL+ALF+F7 back into X and try to kill the x
process then the computer also freezes. I have noticed that games that use
SVGA seem to freeze the computer also and somthimes just playing a 3d game
will freeze it. I am woundering if it has anything to do with the framebuffering but my computer wouldn't start with out it (just a blank screen)

I am running Linux Slackware 8.1 with kernel 2.4.18 On a ASUS 7700 Delux
(GeForce 2 GTS Delux 32mb) with the NVIDIA 2960 driver.

Thunderbird 08-16-02 07:30 AM

Make sure you aren't using rivafb as framebuffer, that fb can cause these problems. (and other problems)

H3g3m0n 08-16-02 11:32 PM

That is the buffer i am using. What should i select instead?

Thunderbird 08-17-02 05:03 AM

You should use vesafb instead or no fb.

H3g3m0n 08-17-02 10:09 AM

Thanks its all working fine now :cool:

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