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grafrotz 09-02-06 04:51 AM

driver development status
It would be nice to have official information about the driver development status on the nvidia homepage.
Does something like this exist? Please let me know the URL.

When people plan to upgrade their hardware, they need to know about the driver situation.
Perhaps this information could be presented like a roadmap to have an idea about the support in the future. I do not buy every month a new graphic card. I use graphic cards in my main computer for perhaps 2 years. And old cards I do not throw away. They are good for other Computers (servers, all kind of clients,..). That is the reason, why I need to know about the driver situation in 3 or more years.
I know the legacy driver. The point is: I need to know about the planed support in the future.

The xorg7.1 waiting-and-praying-situation was no argument for me to buy nvidia in the future. A little more information about the status of the driver development would be nice.


Thunderbird 09-02-06 04:55 AM

Re: driver development status
Nvidia doesn't disclose information about driver development status and related info. I think you can safely assume that 5 year old cards will work using modern drivers. I don't know for sure why nvidia removed support for TNT cards and early Geforce models. The main reason for it is I think that the hardware works a little different than the latest hardware and that the card support less 3d features which made it hard to support in the latest drivers.

grafrotz 09-02-06 05:13 AM

Re: driver development status

Originally Posted by Thunderbird
Nvidia doesn't disclose information about driver development status and related info.

But why? More people would buy nvidia when they would give more information. And I guess they want buy a lot - or not?
Why not using the positive effect of more information?

Thunderbird 09-02-06 06:26 AM

Re: driver development status
Providing such information isn't that easy. I can imagine that the Nvidia Linux developers would like to provide a lot more info like this. You should realize that Nvidia is a very big company and in most big companies single employees don't have much power. They need to obey company policies. Not providing much information can be such a policy.

joffe 09-02-06 05:32 PM

Re: driver development status
While we're at it, does anyone here know why the feedback link on the nvidia site was removed? Ok, the page was just sitting there doing nothing, but I had expected them to at least evolve some formal way of communicating with their non-corporate customers. Just curious...

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