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Nullmech 09-03-06 10:42 AM

Installing AMD64 driver on kernel
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I had a kernel with a working driver for it. However, after I rebuilt the kernel (the only change was enabling multiple processors), it stopped working completely. I tried reinstalling it, and got some weird results. It says it is compiling a new interface, and when it reaches 100%, it quits and says something like "Received signal SIGSEGV; aborting.". I looked in my install log, and it says the compiling was finished. However, it doesn't install. Attached is my install log... what should I do to fix this problem? I have a GeForce 7300LE PCI Express card on an AMD64 Debian 3.1r0a system (kernel

zander 09-04-06 05:24 AM

Re: Installing AMD64 driver on kernel
Does the output of `dmesg` show a kernel BUG() or Oops after the SIGSEGV? Did you rebuild/reinstall all parts of the kernel after reconfiguring the kernel from UP to SMP?

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