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rtz 02-15-03 09:05 PM

How to get nForce ethernet working with Yoper?
I downloaded the source tar file for the nForce drivers, but they don't install without error. Anyone had any luck? What did you have to do?


DaMaxx 02-25-03 12:05 PM

try a more supported distro of Linux.

rtz 02-25-03 02:19 PM

The problems with rh81 betas and NVIDIA's OpenGL are due
to rh81 beta using glibc 2.3.

I need some new Nvidia drivers.

DaMaxx 02-26-03 01:03 AM

believe me mang, we all need new drivers. I completely gave up on the 4191 version and went back to 3123. Also instead of using the latest and greatest version of linux, you should stick to tried Tested and true versions. It will save you a ton of headache's. I suggest RH8, it works flawlessly for me.

rtz 02-26-03 01:20 AM

Using the "latest and greatest version of linux" is what makes it fun for me. Using old versions is just stale and boring. I have to be on the cutting edge all the time.

DaMaxx 02-26-03 01:43 PM

fair enough. to each his own. :D

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