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topman 08-16-02 07:57 AM

TwinView & Console bug
Hi there everyone.

I have got the following problem:
When i start my X Server (TwinView enabled) and i want to get back to the console, i just see a black screen. The system does not freeze but i cant see anything. When i start the X Server again both screens work.


Thunderbird 08-16-02 08:00 AM

What you are pointing to is a known bug. Likely the screen appears on the second head when you switch back to console. (if the second head isn't a TV)

topman 08-16-02 08:07 AM

It got one TFT (DVI) and one CRT (Sub-D). Is there anyway to fix this bug?

Thunderbird 08-16-02 09:32 AM

Nope the only thing you can do is to submit a bugreport to linux-bugs@nvidia.com.

For laptop users there was something a little similar. When they switch to console the screen turns black. For those people the framebuffer vesafb fixed the problems. (only use vesafb and NOT rivafb)

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