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Kolchak 09-04-06 07:46 AM

Nice to be here...
I'm new to the NVIDIA "neighborhood"... Just finished assembling a new box (still making BIOS adjustments, etc.) intended for Linux development use:
Opteron 144
Gigabyte GeForce 6600 (256MB) [for silent running :) ]
2 x 1GB Corsair XMS
2 x WD Caviar SE16 250GB SATA
Antec P150

Will be installing Ubuntu.

Already got some great info here - Thanks!

retsam 09-04-06 07:57 AM

Re: Nice to be here...
hay, welcome to the forums!!!..have fun here and just one word from the wise....watch out for gib and his finger he likes to put it in place most people dont find enjoyable.:)

retsam 09-04-06 07:58 AM

Re: Nice to be here...
oh ya and by the way im a big fan knoppix-std...great distro with all the fun toys built in!!...

PeterKnaggs 09-04-06 11:02 PM

Re: Nice to be here...
What a conicidence, I've just been putting the last bits of stuff together
for the Ubuntu Dapper Drake guide to nVidia 5200 (PCI) - with goal of
explaining how to use XvMC to playback video. Might come in handy:

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