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The Bigman 09-05-06 09:46 PM

Opening Up Mpeg Movies
I built these movie clips with ulead studio and saved them as mpegs so that i can do what i wan't with them.

The prolem is very odd. I can open them up with windvd or windvd recorder and they play fine audio video syncs good with these. But when i open up Media Player 11 with the Movie Clips windows media player errors out and needs to close and Winamp does the same thing just those 2 apps.

Faulting Application wmplayer.exe ver 11.05708.5043 faulting module ntdll.dll
fault address 0x00011430.

Windows Media player opens everything else just fine form avi's to mp'3's. and so does winamp. Im like what the hell is going on. oh even Beyond Meida crashes to when trying to play a mpeg movie clip. I open the clips with windvd 7 and they work just fine.

I tried resetting accosiations too to good i even shut off stuff in task manager that didn't work but with the same display drivers same version on windows meida player on my wifes pc it works fine she can watch the movies. I can't figure out why i can only play mpegs with windvd or windvd recorder or ulead studio 9 se.

Something is very strange here doesn anyone know what or why this is going on?

Shamrock 09-05-06 10:08 PM

Re: Opening Up Mpeg Movies
Tried renaming them to mpg? They should play fine by renaming the extension to mpg

The Bigman 09-05-06 11:20 PM

Re: Opening Up Mpeg Movies
I actually stumbled across the coprate. claud.ax. I found out this from trial and error and noticed that Beyond Media installed a partial Cyberlink PowerDVD into 2 directories Cyberlink Shared and PowerDVD in Beyond Meida so i deleted them because i use WinDVD7 and Beyond Media Uses what i choose anyway.

Anyway i deleted those 2 dir's and i can play the MPG Movie Clip now.

All from a file that has nothing to do with what im doing. claud.ax form powerdvd was the problem.

The Bigman 09-07-06 10:32 PM

Re: Opening Up Mpeg Movies
wow this section hasn't been posted in days. i thought it was becoming a ghost town here but damn. even crangers post hasen't been responded too either.

crainger 09-07-06 11:48 PM

Re: Opening Up Mpeg Movies
It's so bad I forgot I even posted that LOL

oh and you forgot the I... THE I! Everyone forgets the I!


The Bigman 09-08-06 11:07 AM

Re: Opening Up Mpeg Movies
yea i know.

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