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weak 02-17-03 06:11 AM

GLX error. GLXBadRenderRequest
I'm Running RH 7.2 2.4.7-10 with an GF4 TI 4200.
On a Celeron 600Mhz.
I installed the newest Nvidia-kernel and Nvidia-GLX.
Everything works fine but the GLX support. I get this error message:


I get the Nvidia splashscreen and my tv-out works. I have Mesa libraries installed. Never had this problem with any previous Nvidia cards in RH 7.2.

eric42 02-17-03 10:13 AM

I've had the same problem with my Quadro 700XGL card. If anyone has a solution, we really could use some help.


denisc 05-05-03 01:57 PM

I have the same problem with my GF4 Ti4600 using 3123 driver. With the 4191 driver, it was crashing my Xserver. I tryed the latest driver (4363) and I have the same messages that with 3123.

You should complain to Nvidia about this problem by reporting it to linux-bugs@nvidia.com. The more people complain about this problem, higher are the chances that Nvidia fixes the bug once and for all.:argh:

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