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intercede007 08-16-02 10:23 AM

3DMark, Fastest Webmasters and Me.

OK, so there we have it. In the final results, I get slaughtered by everyone on that list. Best I can do is 11312. But its interesting as I go down the comparison charts. I beat every single persons Bumpmapping score by a range of 40-60fps, and my Vertex Shader scores are often almost identical. What?? I'm using the same dang video card, only differance is I am on an Athlon system. I'm getting 198fps in the Enviornmental Bump Mapping test. Shouldn't these guys be eating my lunch in everything?? I don't have even HALF the system that these guys do. The number is consistent in all of my results (I went back and looked at my lower score sheets, and they all fall in line). Any other Athlon users seeing these same kinds of results?

saturnotaku 08-16-02 10:44 AM

The final 3dmark score is determined by the results of the four "game" tests only. All that other stuff (vertex shader, pixel shader, et al) doesn't amount to a hill of beans in the scoring.

fishlung 08-16-02 01:39 PM

Are your RAM settings tweaked in BIOS? Not that I care much about 3DMark, but I noticed that all my scores were on par with other people, except for the environment bump mapping, which was about half as much as most people. I found that kinda odd, since I thought I did a pretty good job tweaking my PC to get the most for my money. I ended up changing my RAM settings to more aggressive settings, and bam, my environment bump mapping rates doubled. Weird. :) I keep thinking I can get more performance somehow, but I'm too chicken to mess with my FSB, since I've had two new IBM drives fail on me and I'm not about to lose one of my new Maxtor HDs after that hassle. :) (Note to self: I should get off my lazy duff and just back up my HD)

intercede007 08-16-02 02:42 PM

Yes in fact my RAM timings are fairly agressive. CAS is 2, 4 bank interleve, Pre-charge 2T and Burst length is 4. I guess thats where the juice for the Bump mapping is. Still, wouldn't those guys be running some pretty wild settings themselves? I wonder if the crazy FSB speeds they are running forces them to turn down their timings. Ohh well..mystery solved fishlung :D

Lars 08-17-02 10:49 AM

I think it's just one of those tests that the Athlon XP does much better than the P4. I've spent a fair time benching and testing different systems, and the difference in this particular test is allways in favor of the XP. Even though my 3DMark2001 score is quite a bit higher than yours, you've got my Environment mapped test beat hands down too :rolleyes:

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