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Infinity666 09-17-06 02:15 AM

cs:s server on a cluster?
Is it possible to run a cs:s server off of a cluster? My freind recently aquired about 15 or so p3 machines and plans on clustering them.

Infinity666 09-17-06 06:41 PM

Re: cs:s server on a cluster?

GlowStick 09-17-06 08:23 PM

Re: cs:s server on a cluster?
I know the server software is not desinged to be clusted.

However, im not sure exactly how clustering works, however if i were a betting man i would say NO because latency is an issue with game servers and clustering really isnt best for that situation.

Mudcrutch 09-17-06 08:55 PM

Re: cs:s server on a cluster?
what your friends connection like? what is his upload?

Cerunan 09-17-06 09:57 PM

Re: cs:s server on a cluster?
You could probably get it to work but there would be no benefit to doing so if that application is not cluster aware. In the case of a failure the application gets started on the next server in the cluster and without the application storing its running data on shared storage, you might as well just reboot the original server and leave the secondary (with the exact same setup) turned off and ready to be activated in case of HW failure.

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