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joltcola 02-17-03 11:46 PM

Possible new network section?
Understanding this is a nvidia and graphics based website /w excellent forums. I love asking questions here, because I can know I'll be able to recive help or at least a point in the right direction. Yet, when I post questions about network problems, or see posts about network issues, news, and such ... there isn't much replys to it. Was wondering if a network section would fit in here, and if it would be a good idea. I know there probably other forums with established networking and network related forums out there... but I love you guys! :nana:

Anyways.. just an idea... let me know what you think

-- joltcola

saturnotaku 02-18-03 10:13 AM

This has been discussed before and it was decided there wouldn't be enough "demand" to make creation of such a forum worthwhile.

Questions about network hardware should go in general hardware and software to general software.

poursoul 02-18-03 05:41 PM

sorry i missed whatever you posted man.

try it again.

i'll try to help :)

joltcola 02-19-03 03:35 PM


Was my original network related post.... but I read a few network related questions by others, and wonder if a new section would help them get a little more attention. I understand not having enough demand , but it was just a quick idea... thanks for the info saturn! :) I'm a broken man because of it, but I got a bottle of Capt Morgan, so I should be okay! =)

.... and thanks poursoul! I like ur art by the way... little on the Hallmark Card side.. but its nice (jk - its wicked). Do you actually do that, if so... do something for me!! A jolt cola can beating on someone would be great! I'll get you a free months subscription to the .. um... hmm... www.nvnews.com forums. I've got a little pull there, I might be able to give ya the hook up

/me slaps himself!!

thx again...

-- jolt

poursoul 02-19-03 09:08 PM

what artwork?

joltcola 02-20-03 12:03 AM


This.. =D

poursoul 02-20-03 01:25 PM

that's just nny from jthm. i didn't do it. wish i had.

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