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-Tucker- 09-25-06 11:09 PM

Hello, n00bie here, just watercooled 6800U
Hey everyone!

I just got done hooking up my system with water cooling because my 3.0E Prescott just runs way too hot.

Issue, I disconnected the fan from my video card and when I boot up, I have no video. Its an MSI 6800U AGP. Now obviously it senses there's no fan there because I have the fan hooked up now and it works fine, but what's the solution? Does it need just to see a circuit or does the card need to see some kind of resistance to work?

I remember reading about this issue somewhere but cannot find it anymore.

Preliminary temp results for CPU:
With stock CPU cooling= 80* C @ load
With Antec High Perf. cpu cooler= 83* C @ load (but cooled off extremely fast and idled at 58*)
With waterblock cooling= 57* C @ load

CaptNKILL 09-25-06 11:17 PM

Re: Hello, n00bie here, just watercooled 6800U
Uh... I think your CPU has a serious SERIOUS problem. Those temps are at least twice what they should be. Either that or your motherboard isnt reading the temps correctly.

As to the video card problem, I'm not real sure. Is there anything that came with the watercooling setup that would be used for that?

Anyway, with your CPU running that hot, the water cooling might even work against the graphics card. Thats a HUGE amount of heat being transfered.

crainger 09-25-06 11:20 PM

Re: Hello, n00bie here, just watercooled 6800U
Those temps sound right with a Prescott. My 2.8E was crazy hot.

-Tucker- 09-25-06 11:28 PM

Re: Hello, n00bie here, just watercooled 6800U
From what I read, those temps are common for Prescott's. They are high because of something to do with stepping. This cpu i have has ran like this for at least a year now, and even when I break over 80*, the system stays stable, no crashes yet.

Either way, there's nothing with the gpu block because its like a universal fit for most radeon's/geforce's.
Also, my GPU core reads 47*C at load and its after the cpu in the water loop.

Bearclaw 09-25-06 11:55 PM

Re: Hello, n00bie here, just watercooled 6800U
It might be best to get a vaporchill for your CPU. If they weren't ass expensive I would consider buying one myself.

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