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valentin2 09-27-06 11:23 AM

Upcoming driver for GeForce 7500LE ? (under Linux)

I still find no driver, even in beta version, to support my graphics card under Linux.

It seems I have a GeForce 7500LE (TurboCache) GPU with a GeForce 6150LE Chipset (C51PVG + MCP51) in my [Athlon 64 X2 (M) 3800+ 2.0 GHz]-powered Linux Box.

But is GeForce 7500LE a GPU or a Graphics Card ?

Some say GeForce 7500LE derivates from GeForce 6150LE, GeForce 7300SE, or even GeForce 6200. So could it be possible that some current Linux Graphics Driver be right for use (even if not all hardware extensions exploited) with GeForce 7500 LE ?

If no, is there any plan to release such a driver, even in non-stable version ?

Any help to understanding the naming scheme of nVidia Chips and their relationship would be appreciated too, especially if some could be managed by drivers written for other chips.

I'm looking forward to seeing a fresh new driver just for me ;-)

netllama 09-27-06 11:40 AM

Re: Upcoming driver for GeForce 7500LE ? (under Linux)
Both 1.0-8774 & 1.0-9625 support your GPU.


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