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fhj52 09-30-06 08:10 PM

9625 hangs at RENDER
I did a --update and the NV installer got, built & installed(successfully) version 9625.
When loading X, the screen blanks and stays that way; keyboard is non-functional (apparently) except for magic-sys keys (at least the reBoot works...; C-A-D does not.).
It took a few days to find out it is the 9625 driver.
The 8774 works okay.
If I either --update or download and build everything goes a-okay until it is time for X to start. I.e., the --sanity check passes.

I looked into the X.org.log file and the 'hung-version' log has normal content down to
''(**) NVIDIA(0): Enabling RENDER acceleration"
and nothing else after that.
Of course I don't know if that means the next 'normal' item is what died or if it was the RENDER. Next item in the Xorg log is the ID of the video card:
(II) NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA GPU GeForce 7800 GTX at PCI:1:0:0
(--) NVIDIA(0): VideoRAM: 262144 kBytes
NB: PCI:1:0:0 is _not_ specified in the config file since I only use one card and one monitor at this time.
I waited a considerable amount of time at one point yesterday(minutes) when I did not know what was causing the trouble so it apparently silently dies and takes most of keyboard with it.
(I think the magic-sys key combo to Sync also works but I cannot be sure. No fsck required at reboot so figure it must...)

Version : 6.9.0
Release : 48

Linux gbt1 #1 SMP
Vendor: SUSE LINUX (version 10.1-x)

HW: Dual Opterons and one eVga 7800GTX

Same config file in both nvidia versions(8774 & 9625), as well as previous versions.
FYI: dri module is being loaded, however, in previous crashes/hangs the "dri" module was not specified in the config file.

I looked for a sticky but I suppose there is not one yet - or did I miss it?

NB: This also occured with newer kernel versions. That is, in fact, where I first noticed the issue. The first build was using kernel-source- (and of course the same kernel-smp version). It also failed with build from source and kernel-smp-
sillyme thought it was a kernel issue so I uninstalled them.

That's all.
Hope you can fix since it caused me quite a bit of trouble(I nearly killed the system trying to get fixes ...) and it might do the same to others.


EDIT: I just checked at the nvidia.com site and the latest driver is 8774.
nvidia-installer -a --update
download, build and install 9625? I never signed-up for any beta testing...

spate 12-08-06 10:34 AM

Re: 9625 hangs at RENDER
Hi fhj52,

I've had the exact same problem with the 9625 drivers on a Suse 10.1 system. Try grabbing the 9631 drivers instead; they seem to be working for me.

Incidentally, the latest released drivers on Nvidia's website are actually kind of hard to get to. For whatever reason, depending on how you navigate their site, you'll end up with it telling you a different version is the latest. Whenever you go to their drivers page, instead of using the listboxes to determine which drivers you want, look up a few lines and click on the link for Linux drivers. That link always points to the latest ones, unlike the other browsing method..


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