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berto81 02-19-03 06:58 AM

[ot?] radeon 7000 with linux?
I would to use an ati radeon 7000 sapphire card with linux. Does it exists a well working driver for this card? Can I use the tv-out? Can the proprietary drivers supplied by ati work?
Notice that this is a "powered by ati" product, not "built by ati".
And if this cards works in linux, what version of opengl should I install? Mesa?


erwos 02-24-03 02:17 PM

The Radeon 7000-7500 is NOT, repeat, NOT supported by ATI's binary driver. You are going to be using the DRI project's open-source driver.

Second, you do not install Mesa after XF86. Never ever do that. You will end up reverting to software openGL acceleration.

The Radeon driver is not exactly awe-inspiring in 4.2, although I have not tried the one that comes with XF86 4.3. Obviously, it should not come as a surprise that it's gotten much better over the years, and will continue to do so. I do not know what the Radeon VE's driver is like in particular - I own a Radeon AIW (aka Radeon 7200 AIW).

Now, with that said: I don't know if the Sapphire version is supported or not. I _think_ it is, and if it's not, it probably only requires a simple PCI ID change to fix it. No guarantees, of course.

At this point in time, I would really, really recommend buying nVidia if you want good Linux performance. Their drivers are much, much nicer.


berto81 02-25-03 09:00 AM


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