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Idoru 10-01-06 03:44 PM

Strange boot issue/delay in XP Pro
Had to reformat/reinstall at the weekend... since then, my boot from POST to welcome screen have increased from around 30 seconds to closer to 90 seconds.

I go through the mobo splash screen and the POST screen, Windows XP GUI comes up - then nothing for 40 seconds - then suddenly HD kicks into life and Windows load in about 40 seconds. These timings verified using Bootvis; Bootvis shows start up applications (including Kaspersky AV) loading v fast, in about 10 seconds.

Running 2 WD Raptors, A64 X2 4400, 2Gb RAM, ASUS A8N-E (Nforce4); Quickboot enabled in BIOS

I am completely at a loss as to what is going on... Bootvis also tells me have have write caching disabled, but it is definitely enabled in Windows.

Have yet to try optimising via Bootvis, thought I'd get some input on this first.Thanks.

rewt 10-01-06 04:22 PM

Re: Strange boot issue/delay in XP Pro
Bootvis performs this simple command rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks

This process is risky. Not only does it take forever to finish, it can cause major infection, hard disk usage, file corruption, and/or system crash. I would highly recommend against using it. The first (and last) time I tried bootvis, it crashed my system and had to boot up in restore mode to fix it... PITA.

Windows will optimize itself naturally. No need to run that command manually, because over time, Windows learns which programs you use most and will cache them in order to help increase speed.

Idoru 10-01-06 05:28 PM

Re: Strange boot issue/delay in XP Pro
Thanks Rewt... was aware of Bootvis' dodgy reputation, hence my decision not to optimise right off the bat... it was useful, however, in confirming what appears to be a 40 second system 'hang' during POST/bootup.

Changing the order of bootup devices to have HD first has made no difference either - I really am at a loss now.

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